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These Technology Trends Are Going To Dominate 2017, Get Ready!

Technology never fails to astound us by bringing something new all the time. Let us see what the major trends to expect in the coming months of 2017 are! If you are aspiring to start a new business, then you can try one among these! Those who are already into the business field; you can make use these new trends to improve your business!

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality
2016 has already witnessed some significant steps towards Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Pokémon Go which is an Augmented Reality game is the best example. It was greatly welcomed by the people with millions downloading it. We can expect the AR and VR versions of a lot of applications in the near future. So, this is an area with plenty of opportunities.

Automation is slowly marking its presence in every field. Even those tasks which could be done exclusively by humans have started to get automated. Automation may increase the productivity exponentially in some areas. Some jobs may disappear altogether! So, it would be wise to expect a leap in this area in 2017 and get prepared for it.

Smart home technology
Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home technology is not something new to the world. There has been immense advancement in this area in the recent years. But this technology has not become so widespread due to competition or the lack of unification in this field. Giants like Amazon, Google and Apple, have started to get involved in this area and hence we should expect some major breakthrough!

A better accessible Big data
Big data is not a new concept. Plans have been made to make it more accessible so that it can help in better medical treatments, better marketing solutions, etc. The focus would be on the qualitative side rather than its quantitative aspects. Expect advances in the Big Data sector! More qualitative and sensible bits of data would become easily accessible in the coming months.

Integration of digital and physical features
With the advent of smartphones, technology has become inseparable from our lives. Smart phones give us easy access to a multitude of information. Online stores which let us purchase products from a faraway physical location are already popular among people. Physical and digital integration is the next level. Expect some revolutionary changes!

Machine learning
Machine learning is already an integral part of Google’s search engine algorithm. In the near future, we should foresee machine learning to extend its reach to a wide range of applications thereby greatly enhancing their user experience.

Anything at your reach!
We are already used to getting anything at our reach with the help of smartphone apps. Food, travel, accommodation, everything has been made so easily available by numerous apps. We should expect these apps to penetrate into even deeper areas in the future so that there is literally nothing beyond our reach.

These predictions do not mean that these are the only directions in which technology is heading this year. Surprises can come from anywhere at any time! Be prepared!

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Latest Trends In Technology In 2017

2016 was a year of many major technological advancements. Virtual reality, smart home technology, etc. were some of them. What does 2017 have in store for us? Let us see!

Artificial intelligence and automation
The simplest example for automation is those calls you make to the customer care. They are all automated ones to make the human effort easier. With the advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, more and more jobs are getting automated every day. We have to expect fast paced changes in this field in 2017. Journalism, food service are all areas which have seen automation already. Some fields may become more efficient as a result of automation, and some jobs may be lost altogether.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart homes are not something new. They are already there with the offer of making our lives easier. But interoperability and centralization have not happened in this field thereby not providing the user friendliness they claim. This area is sure to develop in this year with the focus moving away from a centralized hub. With Amazon’s and Google’s entry into this area, a centralized hub is no more required instead of which IFTTT is used to connect devices.

3D printing
3D printers are there in the market for many years. But they were very costly. Last year has seen a deep drop in their price. They are now available at almost half the price at which they were available just before a year. We can expect them to be available at further cheap rates in the coming years. This is, of course, a positive trend considering the immense practical uses of 3D printers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
The grand success of Pokémon go is a clear example of the fact that the world is going towards the augmented reality side. Expect the emergence of more and more applications making use of these technologies. Search engines are already on their way towards image search which is a far easier version of the current search.

Synthetic food
You might be wondering why food is there in the list of technology trends. The word ’synthetic’ should be the answer to your concern. The population of the world is increasing in a fearfully fast pace. Our natural resources are limited, and the world would not be able to feed itself unless new ways are devised to produce food. Here is where we have to expect the emergence of synthetic foods. It has been around for a while and gained more popularity in 2016.

Many companies are working towards growing eggs, meats, etc. in laboratories. So there are high chances that more and more synthetic foods are going to be introduced into the market in the near future.

The list does not end here. These are just the focal points which are expected to witness a sure breakthrough! Of course, there would be many more. It would be always wise to be alert toward the technology trends so that you are prepared enough to welcome the new changes!